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Opera Garden Hotel & Apartments occupies a historical, turn-of-the-century building in Art Nouveau style in central Budapest, beautifully renovated preserving the decorative motifs and flowing lines of its original design. The hotel has 35 rooms and apartments, each of them alluringly furnished and decorated with modern furniture and floral patterned textiles creating perfect harmony between old and modern styles. Every room and apartment has a separate kitchen area with a dining table and chairs and features an en suite bathroom with a shower.

Opera Garden Hotel & Apartments offers six types of room with two different colour schemes and decor. The rooms on the top floor are decorated in more passionate and young-spirited colours compared to the rooms in Garden style where green and brown colours dominate.

Our Romantic rooms, located on the top floor, can be reached through a private access by stairs. Luggage allowance is provided.

Room types

The 110 year old building was restored in the spirit of state-of-the-art architecture, it blends traditional elements with contemporary design and high technology. The hotel harmonizes modern and classical, entertainment and harmony, recreation and discovery, elegance and cosiness. Stepping into the building, you will leave the noisy city life behind and enter a stunning new world, a small oasis. You will see that...

Opera Garden Hotel & Apartments

Tel: +36 1 301 9030 | Fax: +36 1 301 9031
Address: H-1065 Budapest, Hajós u. 24.


Opera Garden Hotel & Apartments location


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