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Few cities in Europe developed as significantly and spectacularly as Budapest did in the second half of the 19th century. Andrássy Road and the surrounding area are some of the key quarters in Budapest that got their present character around that time. The street leads north-east from the centre of Budapest (Deák Square) to the Millenary Monument on Heroes’ Square at the gateway of the City Park. The 2310 metre-long street was designed in the spirit of French boulevards: with its elegant architecture, fascinating buildings and numerous sights it resembles Champs Elysées in atmosphere, grandeur and glamour. The historical buildings along the street host embassies, legendary confectionaries (Művész, Lukács) and world-famous theatres (the Opera House, Budapest Puppet Theatre). It is an area with a rich architectural heritage and a cultural and historical vibrancy matched by the action-packed life of the city centre. Andrássy Road has been part of the prestigious World Heritage since 2002.

The three main metro lines (M1 – Millennium Underground, M2 – red metro line, M3 – blue metro line) meet at Deák Square (the west end of Andrássy Street), the most important interchange in the Budapest public transport system. Opera Garden Hotel & Apartments is within walking distance from Deák Square, it will take about 5 minutes to get to the hotel on foot. On your way, you can have a look at the nicely renovated buildings (former palaces and homes of wealthy citizens and aristocrats, e.g. the Weiss, Dreher, Széchenyi and Aponyi families) and shop windows of up-market, luxury brands and top designers (e.g. Herend China Factory, Swarovski Chrystal, Caprice Jewellery, Louis Vutton, Gucci, Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, Tag Heuer).

The area stretching from the Opera to Oktogon (Hajós Street, Jókai Square, Liszt Square, Nagymező Street) is the most exciting place in terms of entertainment, cultural experience and adventures in the neighbourhood. It has a bustling nightlife and it is considered one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Budapest with its multitude of elegant and up-to-the-minute cafés, bars, restaurants and theatres. Tourists with an interest in couleur locale should visit one of the ruin pubs (Szimplakert, Szimpla, Dupla) close to Liszt Square. Located in old blocks of flats, their atmosphere is characteristic for Pest and they are cosmopolitan in nature at the same time. These pubs always throng with international youth.

Nagymező Street, called the Budapest Broadway, has been the centre of theatre life and cabaret shows for more than a century. The Musical Theatre, Thália and Radnóti Theatre offer thrilling performances to theatre fans all through the season.

Budapest boasts the first underground railroad on the European continent opened in 1896 for the thousandth-year anniversary of the Hungarians’ settlement in the Carpathian Basin (the so-called Millenium). The route and the carriages were designed and built by the Siemens Factory. The porcelain tiles still decorating the walls of some of the present-day underground stations were manufactured by the world-famous Zsolnay Factory. Travelling by the Millennium Underground, every stop is also a famous tourist attraction. At Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street you can visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the largest church in Budapest and the second largest in Hungary. Opera Garden Hotel & Apartments is only a few blocks away form the Opera House, the next stop on the underground line. The building is one of the most fascinating buildings along with the National Museum and "Vigadó" on the Pest side of the Danube. The Opera was opened in 1884, since then hundreds of world-famous artists, soloists and conductors have performed on its stage. The first heyday of the Opera House was under the direction of Gustav Mahler from 1888-1891.

Oktogon, the intersection of Andrássy Street and the famous ”Nagykörút” (Boulevard) running around Pest and Buda, is a popular meeting point. Take a ride on tram 4 or 6 if you want to get a special sightseeing experience in Budapest. Enjoy all the unforgettable sights on the several-km-long route that crosses twice the Danube, the most beautiful river in Central Europe. And if you feel keen on discovering Budapest further on, make sure you take one of those red trolley buses. Guests staying in Opera Garden Hotel & Apartments can choose from several trolley buses. Trolley 72 takes you to the popular City Park, you can get to the Eastern Railway Station (Keleti Pályaudvar) by trolley 73, while trolley 78 provides a comfortable ride to the spectacular building of the Hungarian Parliament.

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