Health tourism in Hungary

In recent years, the role of health tourism has become more significant worldwide due to growing health awareness in western societies. The estimated number of North American and Western European citizens trying to find solutions for their health problems abroad at a low price grows by 30-35 percent every year. Consequently, medical tourism can be considered as one of the fastest developing and most innovative business sectors in our time.

Health tourism is a vital part of the Hungarian tourism industry. Hungary has long been famous for its unique thermal baths and spas. In addition to its wonderful thermal waters, Hungary offers excellent plastic surgery, ophthalmological and dental services as well. Hungary has become a prime health tourism destination and the centre of dental services and treatments in Europe. The number of visitors coming to Hungary in order to have dental treatments grows by 10 percent every year. A recent EU survey, made in nine countries, revealed that dental services are the most expensive in England, while the cost of treatments in Hungary is by far the cheapest in the European Union. High-level services at a reasonable price characterize the Hungarian medical tourism scene. What is more, the health tourism sector has been given a special attention lately, and it has been developed nationwide to provide excellent services to visitors and tourists.

The Opera Garden Hotel & Apartments is the ideal residence for visitors coming to Hungary for medical treatments: you can feel at home in our comfortable apartments enjoying the ultimate home comfort. If your treatment requires bedrest for several days, you can make sure that the hotel will take care of you and serve you without having to leave your room: breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served in your apartment. The hotel also helps you organise the transportation between the clinic or surgery and your room. Our attentive and professional services will meet all your needs. For further information please contact us...

Opera Garden Hotel & Apartments

Tel: +36 1 301 9030 | Fax: +36 1 301 9031
Address: H-1065 Budapest, Hajós u. 24.


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